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Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Vienna

Only got a weekend in Vienna? Well then, you don’t have time to mess around trying to work out where to eat! Check out the best places for breakfast, lunch and dinner that I sampled after a LOT of research during my trip.

Breakfast at Kylo

Modern brunch by the river

In a picturesque spot on the Danube canal sits Kylo. With pleasingly minimal interiors and a focus on natural locally sourced ingredients, it’s definitely worth checking out. Kylo is open all day and serve everything from breakfast, to salads, burgers and cocktails. But given their breakfast menu is available until 10.30 PM, it’s the breakfast you will want to check out (with the added bonus of not having to get up early!).

On the menu is pancakes, eggs every different way, juices, detox shots and coffee. I opted for the eggs benedict – I just can’t resist that hollandaise sauce! Everything was super fresh and tasty – breakfast done the right way.

Lunch at Trześniewski

Traditional open sandwiches, that makes sandwiches an artform.

I can’t think of anywhere similar to Trzesniewski, it really is a one off. It does one thing, and one thing well – mini open sandwiches! These open sandwiches are basically little 3 inch-wide strips of sour-dough bread, topped with any sandwich filling you can imagine… Beetroot, lentils, bacon with egg, smoked salmon, herring, pepperoni, cucumber, apple celery, the list really does go on.

Sandwiches are laid on the counter almost like a piece of art – perfectly made with so many colours on display. It’s slightly overwhelming to choose which you want. Luckily there is a cute menu card which shows each sandwich they do, but trying to match this up to what you see is impossible! The fillings are all chopped so finely, they don’t resemble the original ingredient (hard to describe so see my picture to see what I mean). Either work from the menu card, or point at the sandwiches if you are feeling adventurous and don’t mind ending up eating fish.

Trzesniewski is a real fun, authentic experience, as you don’t have a clue what your eating – but give it a taste and you won’t be disappointed.

Dinner at Figlmüller Wollzeile

The biggest schnitzel you will ever see

…Honestly it was bigger than my head! I did my research before heading to Vienna to find where the best place to eat Schnitzels was, and to tell you the truth – there are many amazing places to eat them. However, if you’re one to plan ahead and you want to eat them at the most historic place you can, go to Figlmüller Wollzeile.

There are 2 Figlmüller restaurants in Vienna, but the one on Wollzeile is known as ‘the home of the Schnitzel’ and has been serving these mammoth schnitzels here since 1905. Inside it’s kind of pokey, with a dark wooden interior and of course not forgetting the tuxedo-clad waiters! But it has a certain charm and the waiters are friendly and attentive.

They serve only 13 traditional Viennese dishes here, but I didn’t see anyone order anything other than the Schnitzel along with their traditional potato salad side dish. The size of the schnitzel though… if there’s 2 of you, you can definitely share!

You’ll definitely need to book in advance to get a seat at either Figlmüller, and of course my recommendation would be to have the original veal schnitzel. And a cheeky schnapps after dinner for good measure!

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