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Where to spot Banksy’s in Bristol: December 2020

Wondering where to see Banksy’s artwork in Bristol? There are plenty of guides online but sometimes the artworks disappear as they are renovated or removed to be kept in a safer location. I visited in November of 2020, so here’s my update of what to see and where, including the newest Banksy that popped up in December 2020!


Location: Vale Street, Totterdown, Bristol, BS4 3BT

Hot off the press is news that a brand new Banksy artwork has just popped in Vale Street. Vale Street is England's steepest street, and home to an annual egg-rolling competition, now with it's very own Banksy, it really does have it all going on!

The Mild Mild West

Location: The Canteen, Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY

Still going strong, thanks to the many renovations over the years it’s been here. This is one of Banksy’s earlier works but you couldn’t tell based on the colours in the paintwork which are keeping it fresh.

Its located in Stokes Croft which is a cool outter area of Bristol and full of artists. Still a bit rough around the edges but you can tell this up and coming area will probably soon be changing.

Rose on a Mousetap

Location: Thomas Street North, Bristol, BS6 5TN

Some lucky individual must have woke one day to find this artwork stencilled on their property wall. Rather than try and keep it for themselves, the local residents clubbed together to buy a frame which now protects it from vandalism.

I quite liked this small piece, and it was cool spotting a Banksy in a completely different area which was quiet and had no passing traffic (apart from the people Banksy hunting!) When I visited the frame was a little cracked and damaged but you could still see the artwork clearly.

Girl with the Pierced Eardrum

Location: Albion Dockyard, Hanover Place, Bristol, BS1 6UT

I literally walked right past this one and had to circle back! Its tucked down the side of a building in the dockyards of Bristol. This is probably my favourite Banksy, its much bigger than I imagined and I love the location. There were some attempts at vandalism, but as its quite high up its remained in tact.

Fun new addition for 2020: a face covering so the Girl with the Pierced Eardrum is staying safe in this pandemic!

You don’t need planning permission to build castles in the sky

Location: 99 Lower Lamb Street, Bristol, BS1 5QR

If there’s one Banksy piece not to bother with in Bristol, this one would be it! It was a tad disappointing to say the least. And that’s because since the original was done, the building which looks like some sort of loading bay, has had a huge access door put in, and new vents which completely smashed through the original artwork. They have restored it over the new door but seriously, wouldn’t you plan your building works a bit better?!

Paint Pot Angel

Location: Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, Queens Rd, Bristol, BS8 1RL

This is one that’s guaranteed not to be vandalised by the time you visit Bristol, as it’s in a museum! The Bristol Museum is free to visit, and Paint Pot Angel stands proudly in the main room as you walk in.

We walked straight into the museum, but in these pandemic times there is an online system to pre-book a time slot which might be handy if you plan to visit at the weekend. On the same website you can also book tickets to M-Shed where Banksy’s Grim Reaper is held.

Well-Hung Lover

Location: Frogmore Street, Bristol, BS1 5NA

This one is super fun and in a great location. The actual artwork is high up on a building in Frogmore Street, but for the best view stand on the bridge at College Street where you can admire the piece at eye-level. Well-Hung Lover is probably my favourite Banksy, after the Girl with the Pierced Eardrum.

Other Banksy’s that have since been removed / vandalised / in restoration

There were some other Banksy’s that were on my list before visiting Bristol, but I didn’t as I heard they were no longer there for one reason or other. So I thought I’d compile these below in case you are heading to Bristol and want to check them out. Let me know what you find, and I can publish any updates to keep this post helpful!

Masked Gorilla, Fishponds Road, Eastville, Bristol, BS5 6PN

Blowpop Records, Cave St, Bristol, BS2 8RU

Graffiti Cat & Dog, Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6JE

Take the Money & Run, 33 Bath Buildings, Bristol, BS6 5PT

And finally… Is this a Banksy?

Location: Bristol Fine Art, 74 Park Row, Avon, Bristol BS1 5LE

We spotted this intriguing artwork above an art shop when exploring in the centre of Bristol. It’s very Banksy-esque but we stood for a while debating whether it’s a fan copying in Banksy’s style or whether it’s the real thing. Comment below and let me know what you think!

Useful links

Book tickets to the Bristol Museum here

Book tickets to M-Shed (for Grim Reaper) here

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